How We Work on Furniture:

Furniture doesn't just need to look good; it needs to work well. Every project begins with a site visit and in-depth conversation with
the client. Great design obeys the old adage "form follows function." Our goal is to create furniture that is a joy to live with, interesting to look at, and easy to maintain.  We work hard on usability, like making sure tables are the right height for their purpose and that kitchen cabinets are designed for maximum convenience and efficiency for the cook. Durability matters. We are making pieces for you to pass on to your kids. We love challenges, working with new materials and designing for difficult spaces.


"Ben and Heather were great to work with!  They were creative and professional, and I could tell that the quality of their work is as important to them as the beauty. We now have a gorgeous built-in bookshelf --it's one of my favorite elements of our new house." 

             -Chauna Ramsey, Hood River

Recent Project: Rustic Chandelierchandelier-detail.gifchandelier-full.gif

This was a project for our own home. We needed to both solve a 
logistical problem and inject a bit of aesthetic drama into our
staircase.  The space was tricky--tall, wide, two-stories high with wrap-around stairs and no easy place to put a ladder for changing light bulbs or cleaning. Our solution was to hang the chandelier from hemp rope mounted on an antique pulley set so that we could lower it for cleaning. The scale had to be big and gutsy to make an impact in the space.  We used weathered wood, chunky old iron chains and Edison bulbs mounted on utilitarian porcelain fittings for a rustic, industrial feel.  

 42" wide x 38" high (96" drop from ceiling rose to bottom of chandelier)

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