Recent Projects: Harrell Construction

The logo is the most important piece of graphic design most companies will ever commission. It should be instantly recognizable while conveying the values and concept of the brand to consumers.  That’s a big job for a little graphic.

This logo is for Harrell Construction, a one-man building contractor and repair business serving the Gorge region. Harrell specializes in small jobs, from hanging pictures, to fixing a sink to remodeling a deck.


Business StationeryChar-letterhead-set-500.gif
for Custom Guitar Maker

Kerry Char is a well-known guitar-maker who also has a reputation for being the best in the business at repairing classic vintage instruments. We designed a business card that reflects both aspects of his craft. The card includes images of unusual antique instruments as well as invoking his Asian heritage with his "chop mark" logo which echos the signature seals used for centuries by Chinese artists. We created a complete stationery set including business cards, letterhead and envelopes and instrument labels.


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