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Thanks for visiting my site - I appreciate you checking out my work. Please give me a call if you would like to discuss a project - whether it's a custom dream instrument or a restoration or repair, I'd be happy to see if I can help. If you are in Portland, OR, then please stop by 3 Tracks Music where they sell some of my custom guitars and many of my restored Harmony, Silvertone and Kays from yesteryear - those instruments have a special place in my heart. If you are interested in an instrument please email or give me a call. If you find yourself in Hood River and would like to make an appointment to come to my shop, let me know - I like having visitors.

I have always made things - out of balsa wood and card at first - and then later, out of wood and metal. I studied Furniture Design at Art School in Leeds, England, and then spent a few years running Windsurfing Centers across Europe. I worked as a graphic designer for a while but soon slipped into full time musicianship - with furniture, logo design, luthiery, and a few houses on the side.

From 1992, I played constantly in bands, duo’s, and as a solo performer both here and in the UK until 2019 when late nights and touring started to get in the way of my instrument work.

In 2011, I began working for Mya Moe Ukuleles where I initially worked on reducing the chance of human error during production through extensive jig building, and later producing all the parts for over 2000 ukes.

I learnt an enormous amount from Gordon Mayer (co owner of Mya Moe with wife Char Mayer) and when he sold the company, I inherited not only an incredible education, but also a pretty fine collection of hand tools and machines. Yes, lucky me!

My own custom work is my real joy now - I am in the business of making people happy. My designs are heavily influenced by Chris Knutsen, the Dopyera brothers (National), and Paul Bigsby - and everything I make has to feel like an instrument I wish I owned and played every day. Like Knutsen and Bigsby, I want to make a unique piece each time I build and I hope to continue exploring ‘outside the box’ ideas whilst working with my customers to realize their dreams.

Thanks again for your interest in my work - maybe I could make something for you one day?

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